Meer Department Heads Make Their Voices Heard  Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer’s administration banded together over the weekend (10-27-19) to
Congressman Pete Visclosky Endorses Mayor Ron Meer     September 13, 2019   Dear Friends: I fully endorse Ron Meer's
Indiana State Rep Pat Boy Endorses Mayor Ron Meer     September 6, 2019   To Whom It May Concern:
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Mayor Ron Meer

He knows how the city works because he has been active in Michigan City government for many years.  He has 28 years of combined experience in city government: 8 years on the Michigan City Common Council, three times serving as President of the City Council, 6 years on the Human Rights Commission, and he served as a Michigan City municipal employee for 20 years.  In addition to his city experience, one of Ron's first jobs was with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources working offshore on Lake Michigan.  It was there that he grew to be a defender and advocate for nature.  One of his first priorities after taking office was the complete overhaul of the Michigan City Sanitary District, which is now a model for environmental protection, especially our most important natural resources, Trail Creek and Lake Michigan.

Voting Schedule:

Early voting takes place at the Michigan City Courthouse at 300 Washington St.

Tuesday Oct. 8th 2019

First day that a voter may vote early in the Michigan City Courthouse

Mon-Fri 8am-4pm and the last two Saturdays

Mon Nov. 4th, 2019 DEADLINE by noon, for a voter to vote early in the Michigan City Courthouse

Election Day: November 5th, Vote at your polling place from 6am-6pm!


It is my highest priority to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and to improve conditions for all the residents of Michigan City

Mayor Ron Meer

Green Initiatives:

Bismarck Hill ecological restoration
Dry cleaning contamination cleanup at 11th & Michigan Blvd
Fedder's Alley ecological restoration
NIPSCO shutting down coal generating plant
Singing Sands Trail
Southgate Neighborhood Drainage remediation
Wabash Street Green Infrastructure
US12 Westside Cleanup
Lake Henry flood remediation

Development Progress:

Franciscan Hospital
Blue Chip Expansion
New Police Station
Artspace Development
Pine Street Apartments
North Pointe Pavilion
New Lighthouse Restoration
Zoo Castle Historic Restoration
Airport runway Expansion
Greenhouse Historic Restoration
Uptown Arts District Improvements
Old Lighthouse Historic Restoration
I94-US 421 Bridge Improvements
Wayfinding signage
Old News Dispatch and Police Station cleared

City Grants:

Façade Improvement Grants
MCAS Technology Grants
Upper story residential loft grants
$1.3 Million Lead Abatement Grant
$488,281 Community Crossing Grant for Streets & Sidewalks
$677,000 SkillUp Grant for Workforce Improvements
$718,468 Safer Grant for 6 new firefighters
$600,000 EPA Brownfield Grant
$37,100 DNR Lake Michigan Program Grant
$340,000 Grant for Airport Layout Plan
$261,000 Block Grant for Pullman Park
$472,819 FAA grant for Airport fencing
$223,809 Technical Education Grant to A.K. Smith Center
$541,250 FAA grant to Airport
$10 Million ArtSpace tax credits from IHCDA
$400,000 ArtSpace IHCDA grant
$650,000 Grant for Cheney Run to Sanitary District
$224,823 Green Infrastructure Grant for Wabash Street
$500,000 EPA Grant for Cheney Run