Indiana State Rep Pat Boy Endorses Mayor Ron Meer

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Indiana State Rep Pat Boy Endorses Mayor Ron Meer



September 6, 2019


To Whom It May Concern:


I first met Ron Meer in 2003 when we were both running for City Council for the first time. We worked together as Councilmembers for two terms, then nearly two full terms after he was elected Mayor. During that time, we agreed a lot more than we disagreed on issues. We suffered together through the tax assessment problems. We worked toward common goals on environmental concerns.


Ron has done a lot for this city. He worked in many departments before his election to the Council position and he knows the jobs. Instead of doing extensive (and expensive) new studies, he combined the best parts of the plans that had already been done. His support both as Councilman and as Mayor for the Artspace building has helped revitalize the downtown. He has saved on the city’s electric costs through his support of the energy updates approved by the Council. He brought the Promise Scholarship to the city, a program which in some ways is still evolving.


He doesn’t do the job alone, however. He knows the City is not a one-man job so he works closely with all departments to ensure the city functions as it should. He does what he can to protect the environment. Wabash Avenue’s rain garden project to eliminate runoff is just one example. He supported the creation of the new Sustainability Commission. He works with the Planning Department in looking at future growth for the city. He’s even pitched in to drive a snowplow.


He has initiated programs and followed through on existing ones. I believe he’s done a good job for the city, and I fully support him as the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Michigan City in the general election this November.



Pat Boy
Indiana State Rep