Congressman Pete Visclosky Endorses Mayor Ron Meer

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Congressman Pete Visclosky Endorses Mayor Ron Meer



September 13, 2019


Dear Friends:

I fully endorse Ron Meer’s re-election for Mayor of Michigan City.

When I was growing up, my father was the Mayor of the City of Gary, and I saw first-hand the importance of being a strong executive, thoughtful administrator, and compassionate public servant.

Mayor Meer has fully demonstrated these qualities and has been a staunch advocate for Michigan City residents, labor, businesses, and public education.


His honesty and integrity are of immense benefit to Michigan City, and he has helped create lasting relationships with leaders throughout LaPorte County, Indianapolis, and our nation’s capital.

Mayor Meer has led the charge to support the vital South Shore Double Track Project. He has built a superb coalition of organizations and private citizens to help invest over $400 million in this project. Significant benefits will be realized in Michigan City now and in the future. The success of this project is only possible due to Mayor Ron Meer.


I would add that Indiana’s Governor appointed Ron to the Northern Indiana Commuter Transit Board of Directors so that he could continue to lead the success of this investment.


Additionally, when Michigan City identified lead-based paint in their community, Mayor Meer jumped to action by identifying additional funds to make much needed improvements to the housing infrastructure. Working with stakeholders, he successfully secured a $2.3 million federal grant for Michigan City.


Further, as many older urban communities are left with legacy costs from abandoned industrial facilities, Ron Meer again demonstrated his ability to work with stakeholders to successfully secured a $600,000 EPA brownfield revitalization grant to identify sites for clean-up and economic investment.


The truth is that Mayor Meer is respected by all those who work with him and he has provided tangible results for Michigan City. By making investments in the South Shore, cleaning up lead-based paint, and re-purposing brownfields, Ron has proven his ability to create more economic opportunities for everyone and a brighter future for Michigan City.


Pete Visclosky Member of Congress