Ron Meer, Past Michigan City Mayor Running for Indiana State Senator

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Ron Meer, Past Michigan City Mayor Running for Indiana State Senator

We sat down with past mayor Ron Meer for a candid interview, who is now running for State Senator of the 4th District.  Ron likes to refer to himself as the “blue collar guy.” Having worked his way up from the bottom as an employee in the Michigan City Storm Water Department to becoming the Mayor of Michigan City for 8 years.

Ron has lived in Michigan City for 30 years and has raised four children. He loves fishing, and the outdoors and living close to Lake Michigan, where he has acquired a great fondness for Lake Michigan and knows its importance to the environment. His background in Storm water management has given him the experience related to working extensively with environmental issues, both local, state and beyond. It’s a subject that is near and dear to his heart.

Watch the interview in the link below, as he candidly talks about his experience and accomplishments. Also as mayor, he learned to work across party lines, and believe that bi-partisanship is key to making the accomplishments needed. Ron believes It is imperative to work across party lines legislatively to ensure that Indiana’s 4thdistrict is successfully represented. In 2019 Governor Eric Holcomb appointed Ron to the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District board of trustees.

As a two-term mayor, I have a deep understanding of the residents’ needs and the day-to-day operations of cities and towns. In addition to two terms as mayor Ron previously served two terms on the Michigan City council and has served on several local  boards and commissions in the Region. As mayor he has built a lot of relationships and partnerships that he believes will help him as Indiana State Senator. Through a series of collaborations, Ron worked to forge strong partnerships to spearhead over a billion dollars in public and private economic development and investment.

Ron is now retired and believes that his full time effort to the Office will be a great advantage to the citizens in the 4th District. Ron loves the quality of life that is a part of this District and knows how important that is to the constituents living here.

Having worked on several inter-agency projects with the State and the Region, his experience  with state budgets, scheduling and processes will help him get things done on a state level. He has a great excitement and ambition to make a difference for the people living here.  Ron has spent his entire life serving the local community, as a city and state employee, city councilman, and a mayor,  and residents will be fortunate to have him as their Indiana State Representative.